Drug testing has been common for several years, peaking in 1996 when 86 percent of employers drug tested their employees. But since 2004, that rate has been steadily declining. It’s also becoming a hot topic among employers as the status quo is changing. There are several pros and cons to help you decide whether drug testing is good for your business.

The Pros of Workplace Drug Testing

  • Offices that regularly drug test their employees see a decrease in the number of employees who test positive for drug use. When employment is on the line, people are less likely to take the risk of using drugs.
  • Whether you’re talking about the safety of your own employees or the safety of customers and clients, it’s a no-brainer that everyone is safer in a drug-free workplace. Drug testing fosters a safe environment for everyone.
  • If an employee were to be injured on the job, or cause an accident, or be fired due to drug use, they would not be entitled to compensation. They would also be less likely file any suit against the employer. Drug testing employees helps protect your company from liability.

The Cons of Drug Testing in the Workplace

  • Unfortunately, price is one of the biggest reasons why companies opt of out drug testing. The national average cost is $38 for one test. Companies who choose to drug test have to build it into their budget.
  • Some argue that drug testing is a violation of employees’ privacy. The point of a view is that if an employee performs well at work, it shouldn’t matter what they do on their own time. To add another layer, many employers who drug test their employees have the tests supervised to avoid any tampering. This can erode trust among employees and managers.
  • Drug testing has a small margin of error that can impact employees in a big way. Some find the risk of an inaccurate, and possibly unfair, result to be a big enough reason to not drug test altogether.

Workplace Guidance to Make Your Office the Best It Can Be

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