The month of March signals for many the time to complete their tournament brackets in celebration of March Madness. An estimated 70 million brackets are filled out during the college basketball tournament by both dedicated fans and those who just want to join the fun.

With the ability to live stream the tournament games on computers, tablets and smartphones, productivity is sure to dip. While important deadlines or meetings shouldn’t be ignored, it is a good idea to join in on some of the action.

Why March Madness is Good for the Office

Instead of getting frustrated with possible, even inevitable distractions, you should find ways to integrate the exciting tournament into your office culture. Doing so could salvage productivity, boost employee morale and positively affect your office in the long term.

  • Encourage In-Office Competition

Brackets are filled out by approximately 40 million people nationwide. Consider hosting your own tournament at the office. You can include rewards and winnings that aren’t cash-related. Team lunches, PTO or coffee are different ideas to include in your office bracket winnings.

  • Game Day Snacks

On the most popular day of the tournament, consider hosting a potluck. Game-day foods while employees work will help keep their excitement and morale up, while also keeping the focus on work.

  • Common Area Viewing

If you have a common area (kitchen or conference room), you should consider hooking up a projector or TV to the games. When people pass by, they can view the games or check the score. Providing access and acknowledging employees’ interest in the March Madness games will definitely keep moods upbeat. Any impromptu gatherings to check the score or catch a couple minutes of the game could help employees create a bonds in the office which will increase productivity long after the tournament is over and forgotten.

March Madness shouldn’t be a time of added stress in the office. Rather than trying to squash the eagerness of your employees to stay in touch with a collegiate sports tournament, find ways to join in the fun. Of course, work doesn’t stop, but planning a few simple ways to embrace the “madness” in the office will pay off in the long run.

Keep the Madness Spirit Alive

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