When you are recruiting for a job, you will both hire and reject the applicants. So much thought is put into hiring the right candidate- on boarding and training -but very little planning goes into the rejections of the other people who sent in resumes. There are better ways to go about it that will make candidates feel less hurt by rejection, and possibly preserve their interest in working for your company down the road.

Implement a Process Early On

There are many moments throughout the hiring process when you are able to weed out candidates. At each stage it’s important to be respectful of applicants’ time and notify them when you’re pursuing other candidates. The earlier the in the process, the less you have to invest in your response. In the beginning stages, when you’re browsing for minimum requirements, an email response is completely sufficient. Even though it’s a rejection, the candidate won’t feel strung along and can move on to applying to other jobs.

Provide Reasons & Closure

As you begin to interview applicants, upgrade your responses, including helpful criticism or your reasoning. Remember, interviews include all forms: phone, video and in person. You don’t need to go into too much detail, but if you can provide a candidate with some clear reasoning why they weren’t a good fit, it can help them improve for the next opportunity.

You might have a situation where you know a candidate isn’t right for the job, but you still have other interviews to conduct. Don’t wait for that entire process to finish before reaching out with your rejection. Again, give people closure and more time to find a job that will work for them. Remember, we’ve all been there.

One Final Consideration

If you like a candidate, but they’re not the exact fit for the job at stake, you can always tell them you will keep their resume on file for future opportunities. However, don’t throw this promise around haphazardly. You want to provide candidates with proper closure, so don’t make a promising statement when it is untrue.

Job Hiring Help

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