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Bernadette desires to become get married to Howard ahead of he leaves to have Russia, therefore the group rushes around to enjoys a keen impromptu wedding.

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Howard along with his a couple fellow astronauts Dimitri Rezinov and you can Mike Massimino are on the new launch pad would love to visit the Worldwide Universe. Howard says to him or her that he does not want to go, because the most other men, convinced that he was joking, make fun of it off.

The newest group is actually meeting in front of the television inside Leonard and you will Sheldon’s flat, preparing to track towards the Howard’s discharge. Amy is much more fascinated with Sheldon’s recitation of products of the latest Pringles is, due to his eidetic recollections. Raj is actually scared features been putting on weight of all stress-food that he is wear their “lbs pants”. Sheldon scares Bernadette from the saying that soon Howard will receive loads away from strength igniting the lower your so Bernadette requires Raj giving their the latest Pringles can and you will begins stress-restaurants.

Meanwhile, back in product, Mike Massimino says that “Froot Loops” was just partnered just like the the other day experience Howard’s brain.

Regarding flashback, Howard provides Bernadette a necklace which have a star on it and therefore he intentions to simply take towards the star with him once the a great present that no-one otherwise you will definitely give to this lady, because she’s going to enjoys a star that basically have been in space. Bernadette are delighted and you can informs him you to definitely she wishes him or her hitched just before the guy will take off in 2 months.

They go so you’re able to Sheldon and Leonard’s flat together with entire group was acceptance to meet her or him during the Pasadena Area Hallway. Amy is actually enraged about being unable to be the maid from prize she hopes for in the a traditional wedding party, however, do reach don the lady wedding skirt and her tiara.

The it can try create your mention Leonard’s relationships suggestion to Penny while they was basically sex. New offer unexpected situations the others HonoluluHI escort and “thrills” Cent that everybody knows. It is launched that only about three even more weddings can be carried out you to date and you can Howard’s attempt to share with new clerk from the City Hall that he should enter space does not work. Amy chooses to browse the other people hoping this option of your own last people need a bridal party.

Later, at Cheesecake Factory pub, the newest gang is revealing most other matrimony selection, and you may Raj means that they are doing it on the top of this new apartment strengthening, because the Yahoo Maps satellite passes over for the Sunday day, before Howard simply leaves to own Kazakhstan. As for an excellent minister to help you perform the new service, Cent says to one anyone can become ordained during the internet sites with the Internet sites. The couple loves one another info. Sheldon offers to do so inside the Klingon, hence Bernadette things to. Crazy, Sheldon requires Howard what he observes inside the Bernadette.

Into Weekend day, Howard supplies the males a duplicate of one’s Fantastic Four comical once the groomsmen gifts where Reed Richards and you may Sue Storm wed. Worth $a hundred, Sheldon brings Howard $ten to afford huge difference off their relationships gift out-of $88 and additionally his credit from $2 with the intention that he’ll never be indebted so you can your. Howard’s mother lies out of-digital camera speaking through the entire service. Her dad provides Bernadette down the aisle given that Penny, Amy, Leonard, Sheldon, and you can Raj do the ceremony as recently ordained ministers. Raj is so handled of the love Howard and you will Bernadette express, he are unable to become his region. Cent talked about the way it did not number exactly how and in which it had partnered, as long as they got each other. Sheldon dreams that they would-be just like the pleased along with her when he is by yourself, hence don’t excitement Amy. He including tries squeezing in certain Klingon. Amy thanks a lot Bernadette having permitting the lady function as the bridesmaids and this she would be happy to do it again when the its matrimony craps out. Leonard talks about close friends exactly who fell so in love with each most other given that on the core was generosity, determination, and you will value, however discussing Cent. It start snapping at each other and you will Amy makes them prevent. Howard and you may Bernadette change its short term vows due to the fact cam draws right back throughout the apartment rooftop so you’re able to a look at the whole the world.

In the present, the Soyuz rocket lifts from on the several normal astronauts shouting that they like that it area while the Howard disagrees. Penny is available in later away from work to view towards the group. Worried Bernadette takes Raj’s hand, Cent takes Leonard’s give, and a very amazed Amy has this lady give drawn by the Sheldon whom wants Howard well with “Boldly go, Howard Wolowitz.” Howard’s shout are going to be read as he goes into star.