A new batch of college graduates is about to hit the job market, eager for employment. Is your company a good place for these young professionals? They’re a unique graduating class. Here’s what you should know about them.


Who Are the 2017 Graduates?

The new college graduates of 2017 are cutting edge and risk-takers. They tend to have less fear of consequences than some of the classes prior, and they’re fiercely passionate. These qualities are great for those with entrepreneurial objectives, but they are also good for any worker. With some of your professional guidance, graduates with these traits can become valuable hires for our company.


3 Strategies to Implement When Hiring Millennials

If you want to hire the new talent, these are important considerations to make before officially welcoming the new grads to your company:

  • Close the Skills Gap

While you should already have an established onboarding process, you may have to tweak it when you hire college graduates. Be sure to include training that addresses the soft skills that life experience has not introduced them to. These types of skills include email etiquette, office technology handling rules and expectations, etc. These will develop over time, but it’s worth going over in the beginning with the rest of the onboarding.


For specific skills relating to their position, pairing the new graduate with a seasoned employee for some mentoring is a great way for them to receive specific training as well as real-time feedback.


  • Create Paths for Advancement

The 2017 graduates are motivated and want to be coached so they can flourish and succeed. They will absolutely consider what their future at your company could look like in both the immediate future and down the road. This is a fantastic quality to hire and welcome at your company, but it’s one you need to nurture with mentoring, coaching and reviews. Some of these meetings can be formal and some can be informal.


  • Provide Flexible Work Environment

When the work allows for flexibility because of all the technological capabilities, you should consider how that can work for your employees, especially the new graduates. They grew up with technology and know how to use it to get work done, be successful and foster relationships. They will appreciate a company’s willingness to be flexible when work allows, which will boost trust and morale.


Want to Know More?

If you’re interested in learning more about the recent graduates in your area, and how they could best fit within your company, contact Principle Personnel.