Group interviews have become more popular over the years. It’s a good idea to understand the different types of group interviews and whether they’d be a good fit for your company.


Two Different Types

There are two types of group interviews. One is with a panel of interviewers and one candidate. This is very common in most industries, especially after an initial screening call or interview.


The second type is when there is one interviewer and many candidates. Of course, sometimes companies choose to do a hybrid, with a panel of interviewers and several candidates as well.


Why Do a Group Interview?

A company may choose to do an interview with multiple interviewers so direct co-workers and supervisors can meet the candidate and ask job-specific questions. Having all these people in one interview is much more efficient than scheduling interviews. It can be stressful to meet with several interviewers while it’s good to cut the candidate a little slack, it’s a great opportunity so see how they handle pressure or stress.


When companies bring in several candidates at a time, it’s also efficient. This type of group interview gives the hiring manager a chance to see how well candidates interact in a group setting, how they might respond to uncomfortable or awkward situations, and they get a glimpse of who might fit in the company’s culture and who would not.


Is a Group Interview Right for Your Company?

If you’ve never orchestrated a group interview before, it’s not a bad idea to observe one first. There are few things worse than running a poorly constructed group interview. It will look scattered and unorganized, and that will reflect on the company as well.


If you’re confident in your preparation for a group interview, consider which type makes the most sense for your company or for the position. If the candidate will only have one supervisor and mainly works on their own, it might not be necessary to have a panel of interviewers present.


If you have a deadline to fill a position and you have several promising candidates to interview, a group interview with all the candidates might be a great option to speed up the hiring process.


Find the Right Candidates

Before deciding whether to conduct group interviews, make sure they are a good fit for your company. If you’re looking to fill a position and need promising candidates, contact Principle Personnel.