Job interviews are already nerve-wracking. If you have a mark in your employment history from being fired from a job, you may feel an additional layer of stress as you prepare for the interview. There’s nothing you can do about the past, but there are two things you can do during your interview to handle any questions and explanations about that period.

Be Honest

No matter what the situation, when asked about being fired, let honesty be your theme. Tell your prospective employer openly and candidly what happened and why you had to leave that job. The worst thing you could do in this situation is lie or place false blame. As they say, “the truth always comes out,” and if you are caught in a lie, that will absolutely be your ticket out the door, hunting for another interview.

A simple, honest answer can be hard to give, especially if you bring too much emotional baggage into it. Be objective and factual in your honest account. Don’t place blame, and remember the person you are interviewing with is also human and understands that sometimes jobs don’t work out, personalities don’t mesh or misunderstandings happen.

If you haven’t already tried to fairly evaluate the situation when you were fired, do so before the interview. It will help you prepare for that part of the conversation.

What Lessons You Learned

Most difficult situations can teach lessons that lead to growth – both professionally and personally. It’s important to direct the conversation in the interview to discuss the ways in which being fired makes you an even better employee. The evaluation exercise above is a great way to help you determine the ways in which being fired actually made you a better employee for future companies to consider.

Ace the Interview

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