During the job search, so much focus is put on crafting the perfect resume and cover letter, and having a successful interview. While these preparations are absolutely necessary, it’s important to remember to consider how to follow up with potential employers after your interview. Read on for tips on how to follow up the right way!

Interview Follow-Up Tips

  • Sending a thank-you note is the most important thing to do after your interview. Each person you interview with should receive a thank-you note. Before you leave each interview, be sure to get the person’s information (hopefully you get a business card to make it easy!). As always, proofread your note to make sure you don’t have any errors, and pay special attention to the person’s name. These notes should be brief and sincere. There is no rule for how to send them; however, email generally ensures a quick delivery and a quick impression upon your recipient.


  • Notify your references that you had an interview. Usually, during an interview or soon after, the potential employer will ask for references or verify with you the ones you provided in your application. Once you give the OK, it’s a good idea to give a heads-up to your references that they might be getting a call. If you can give them a phone number, and even some details of the job you’re applying to, that’s even better! The more prepared your references are, the more engaged they will be and that’s beneficial for you!


  • Follow-up within 10 days of your interview. This keeps you top-of-mind and is perfectly acceptable to do as long as you don’t come across as desperate. If given the chance, you can even talk about some of your strengths during your follow-up call (in this case, a call is better than an email).

Find a Job You Want to Interview For

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