Dealing with job hoppers can be frustrating and expensive. You spend time and money on the hiring and onboarding processes only to be posting the position on job boards all over again in a few short months.

How to Recognize a Job Hopper

Pay attention to these three issues when looking over a resume and preparing for the interview.

  • Most employees typically spend 2.5 years at a job. A two-year position should not send a red flag during the hiring process, but if you see several consecutive jobs with less than a year-long commitment, you should take pause or at least ask the candidate to elaborate on their decisions.
  • Job changes should develop a wealth of experience for candidates. If a candidate lacks direction or purpose in their job changes, it’s a sign of a job hopper who is just unsure of their career path or goals.
  • Quality is better than quantity when it comes to LinkedIn and other social connections. Impressive numbers don’t necessarily mean they can bring you any value (or business) from their connections. Look instead for quality relationships.

Make the Most of the Interview

An interview is a great time to get some background and explanation of job history, experience and achievements. The interview allows you to look past dates and the number of jobs so you can learn more about the experience they did (or did not) gain during their career.

It’s also a time to ask questions to understand how they will perform on the job and also fit within the company.

Find Star Candidates

If you’re looking to fill a position in your company and avoid those job hoppers, contact Principle Personnel Group. We have experience in finding the qualified candidates you need to fill your jobs.