Sometimes, it can be hard to find a great candidate to fill an open position at your company. Other times, you might be more fortunate and have two great candidates for one opening. This is a good problem to have, but it can be really hard to decide which candidate is best.

When you have two great candidates and need help deciding which one is truly the best fit for your company, you need to ask these questions.

  • What is my greatest need for this hire?

When both candidates have the job skills you require, it is time to look a little deeper. Does one have a niche expertise that is more beneficial or relevant to the goals of the company? Maybe one has experience using technology that is important to the job so they wouldn’t have to go through extra training. Another example is if a candidate has experience working special positions that are similar to your company. Looking a little deeper into how the candidates used their skills might help you make a better decision.

  • Will they fit in or add to our company culture?

Company culture is so important. Even a stellar, standout candidate could lose their shine if they don’t mesh well with the rest of your company. When employees can work together (have fun and solve problems too), it brings out the best in individual abilities as well as raises the success of the company as a whole. This can be a great way to determine which candidate to hire if you’re looking at two great ones.

  • Will our company be able to offer what the candidate needs?

It’s important for the hiring manager or department that there are always two parties at the interview. Remember that if a candidate stands out to you, they might also be standing out to another company. Consider what the needs of the candidate are and how you are able to fulfill those needs. Everything from salary, medical benefits, vacation time and continuing education opportunities are important to your potential employees. What you can offer may be how the candidate determines whether or not they can work for you.

If you want help finding great candidates for job openings at your company, contact Principle Personnel. We can help you find the best.