Talking about salary is often an uncomfortable subject, however, it doesn’t have to be that way. Everyone understands you need a job that will pay your bills, so discussing salary requirements can be a natural part of the job interview if you follow these pointers.


When to Ask About Salary

As a general rule, candidates are advised not to discuss salary during the first interview. Doing so runs the risk of ending what could be a fruitful interview with conversation that could actually lead to a bump in wages and quite possibly an unfortunate association with greed. The only time you should break this rule is if there is only one interview.

Most companies have a multi-interview process which might include a combination of phone and in-person interviews. When there are multiple interviews, it’s best to wait until the second interview to bring up any questions you have regarding salary. This way, you have already had a productive conversation with the company and earned another interview based on your qualifications, but you won’t run the risk of wasting your time if your salary requirements can’t be met.


Who to Discuss Salary Requirements With

In a single interview, obviously, just ask the person who is interviewing you.

When a company has you interview with multiple people, at the end of the second interview, you can confidently and politely ask if that person can answer any questions you have regarding the salary of the open position. If not, they’ll direct you to the person who can answer your questions. Everyone has been in the position of interviewing for a job and needing to know if it was going to meet their salary needs so they will be understanding.


The Best Piece of Advice for Talking About Salary

Whenever you discuss your salary requirements, it’s important to exude confidence. Confidence should never be mistaken for arrogance, which will promptly end the interview process. Instead, this interview quality is highly respected and is all about clearly communicating what you need. It shows the interviewer you are a prospective hire, but also a professional who is capable and valuable, who knows their worth at the office.


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