As 2017 begins, it’s the perfect time to look at how you can make the workplace a more supportive environment for your workers. Other than being good business practice, a healthy and supportive work culture can help your employees avoid burnout and stay motivated all year long.

Why Employees Feel Burnout

Coming off of a busy holiday season and welcoming 2017, it’s important to try to prevent burnout in your employees. To do that, it’s helpful to know some factors that contribute to burnout.

  • Personality – This is quite vague and impossible to control. But it’s good to be aware that different personality types are more prone to burnout than others. In general, overachievers, perfectionists and pessimists are more likely to burnout than a more even keel employee.
  • Work-Life Balance – When an employee is feeling pressure and is busy with both home life and work, it’s almost inevitable that work will suffer and they’ll feel burnout.
  • Work-Related Stress – There are many reasons employees feel stress at work. If they are overworked, don’t feel recognized, are not receiving adequate benefits, increased job demands and lackluster leadership are a few reasons employees can feel added stress at work.

Three Ways to Stop Burnout Before it Starts

Here are some sure ways to create a culture that keeps burnout at bay.

  • Be Fair – Evaluate your business practices and relationships with employees. Are you fair? Are there any employees who are favored over others? Is pay equality an issue? If you can find ways to improve any fairness gaps, take the steps necessary. You’ll have a healthier work environment that will snuff out burnout.
  • Give Them a Voice & Space – It’s important to trust your employees enough to let them voice concerns, share ideas and just let them do their work. After all, you hired them because you thought they were skilled and talented! To help your employees feel empowered, encourage feedback, give them clear paths of advancement and avoid micromanagement.
  • Have a Little Fun – Rewarding your employees with simple, fun things doesn’t have to be expensive, and the little treats can go a long way in boosting morale and keeping burnout at bay. Have some healthy snacks handy in the workplace, hold occasional potluck or catered luncheons, and maybe plan company happy hours or picnics for a couple times a year.

Avoid Burnout & Do More Good in 2017

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